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Recent projects

-Electronic Sound Concert / Live
sample movie

-Voice Landscape Projects(2009- ) / sound installation

-Landscape / photo

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web gallery

-Electronic Sound Concert with el.guitar
Photo:Wataru Murakami

-Bell Fantasia (commission of new works)
sample movie

- "Locus Terribilis" with Nicolas Buffe and LM3LABS / Multimedia-installation
Conception,drawing:Nicolas Buffe/programing,3D modeling,animation:LM3LABS/sound composition:Junya Oikawa

Concert piece / sound installation / other

「Plastic Recollections 5」

2014 July.
Total Duration 13Min
・Commission of the works,Celebrating the 50th years of the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre,New Brunswick,Canada

Plastic Recollections 3

2013 November.
Total Duration 28Min
1. Gravitation of the Styrofoam 
2. Whispers of the Styrofoam
・Commission of the works, Six memos for the next - In Arbeit. Magazin4,Bregenz,Austria

Bell Fantasia - acoustic scenery of the Schwabisch Gmund

2012 13th July.
Total Duration 21min
1. Bell Strata 1
2. Daily Scenery of the Schwaebisch Gmünd1
3. Tweeting Bell's Night
4. Daily Scenery of the Schwaebisch Gmünd2
5. Wind Melody
6. Bell Strata 2
7. Daily Scenery of the Schwaebisch Gmünd3
・Commission of the works, Festival Europäische Kirchenmusik 2012, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
・won the prize, Qwartz Music Awards 9 - Category Experimentation, France
・Selected works, Prix Pierre Schaeffer 2012, France
・introduce about Oikawa's work by SWR (web Radio in Germany)

「Growing Verse」

2012 June.
Time 4:20
・Selected works, Electronic Language International Festival "FILE 2013 - HYPERSONICA",Brazil.
・Selected works, Musica Viva Festival 2012 "Sound Walk/Sound Garden2012", Portugal.


2012 May.
Time 3:11

「Voice Spell」

2009 Oct.
Time 6:00
・Selected works, RTÉ lyric fm (Radio) Ireland.
・Selected works, International Sound Art Festival "Nuit Bleue 2010", France

「thi th--i thi.. a.a. a..a....aa u e - - - - - -o」

2009 May.
Time 3:30
・Selected works, Electronic Language International Festival "FILE2012-HYPERSONICA" , Brazil.
・Selected works, Musica Viva Festival 2009 "Sound Walk2009", Portugal.

「inner light」

2009 December.
Time 10:00
・sound design, 仙台芸術遊泳2009 - photosynthesis, Japan.


2003 December
Time 2:30
・Mention Award, AES Tokyo "Sound Award 2005 for Young Engener and Students"
■Sample score

「Plastic edge ver1. 2. 3.」

2008 May
Time 180sec.
・Selected works, Festival "Contemporanea08" - Framment Azioni , Itary.
・Selected works, 60x60 International Mix 2008 Dance Collaboration with 60 Choreographers, USA.
■Compilation DVD

「Blanc distance」

2008 May
Time 5:00
・Selected works, International Computer Music Conference 2009 "ICMC 2009", Canada.
・Selected works, Musica Viva Festival 2008 "Sound Walk2008", Portugal.

「Plastic Recollections 2」

2007 Octover
Time 10:00
・Selected works, Electromania 2012,Ina-GRM, FRANCE
・Finalist, 6st International Computer Music Competiton "Pierre Schaeffer" 2007, Italia
・Mention, "Contemporary Computer Music Concert 2008", Japan
・Selected works, Cycle de concerts de Musique par ordinateur 2007/08, France

「Labile lip」

2007 July
Time 4:30
・Mention by Rossana Maggia, Concours international Musique Bruitiste Luigi Russolo - Rossana Maggia 2011, France.
・Selected works, 36th Bourges International Competitions of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art "New practices of musical or sound creation Section",
・Selected works, 21th Days of New Music in Weimar "Karlheinz Stockhause's 80th birthday", Germany.
・Selected works, International Computer Music Conference 2008 "ICMC2008", Ireland.
・Selected works, Electro-Acoustic Music Festival「Audio Art Circus 2007」Public lecture of acousmonium. (Lecturer:檜垣智也 Tomonari HIGAKI)

「Fairy of white」

2007 March
Time 4:40


2007 February
Time 6:30

「Sound-Visual-Poetry Reminiscence」 (acousmatic ver.)

2007 July
Time 34:00
Published fromTe pito records
Artist Interview

「internal pulses」

2007 April
Time 13:20

「Parhelion-ice-crystal and light」

2006 November
Time 7:00
・selected work, Festival Nuit Bleue 2008 , France
・Special prize,SFC Digital Art Awards 2007 "Digital Music Section "
・2007 Distinctioin Award for Dissertation,senzoku college of music

Web Radio in FRANCE (Nuit Bleue)
**This work includes ultra-low-frequency of 50Hz or under.Please hear it by headphones


2006 April
Time 8:00
・2nd Prize,4th International acousmatic composition competition "Metamorphoses2006 category A",Belgium
・Finalist,34th Bourges International Competitions of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art "Residence Section",France
・Selected work, Tribute to IMEB - Cafe Sonore (Radio), Netherlands
Compilation CD


2006 March
Time 1:20

「Plastic Recollections 1」

2005 October/2009
Time 10:50
・Selected work, CCMC2006(ACSM116), Japan


Sound Installation

「Voice Landscape projects」


「Water Drops」

2ch sound system
・Commission of the works,Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre,New Brunswick,Canada
CBC News

「Ta ka ta ka Crickets」

multichannel sound system

「Transcription of the whispers」

multichannel sound system

「Transcription of the Whispers」

multichannel sound system

「Labile lip - Water Whisper」

1ch Audio

「Labile lip - Insect」

Surround system

「Aerial Whisper」

1ch Audio

「tranceform my voice」

2010 October

Tokyo Art Meeting "Transformation"

Duration: 4min, loop
material: voice,Dark-room, 6.1ch surround system

「夜の構造 (Nuit Composition)」

2010 July-2011 January

先端卒展2011 卒業修了展

Duration: 2min30sec, loop
place: Yokohama BankART Studio NYK
material:recorded voice, Dark-room, 7.1ch surround system,


2010 August

上勝 EarthWork 2010

Duration: 30min, loop
展示場所 : 徳島県勝浦郡上勝町生実 用水マス
素材: 波音, 音響, メロディー, 用水マス, 風景, speaker, CD player

「森のからだ (i sing with..)」

2010 July

東京藝術大学大学院 先端芸術表現 中間審査会

展示場所 : 東京藝術大学取手校地 竹林
素材: 作者の声, 竹音, 5.1chサウンドシステム,

「その光と部屋を通りぬけた風 (Passing wind across the light)」

2009 August

大地の芸術祭 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2009 克雪ダイナモアートプロジェクト

Duration: 1min30sec, loop
展示場所 : 十日町市立 旧仙田小学校 音楽室
素材: 氷のサウンドスケープ, 音楽室で演奏した木琴のメロディー, speaker, CD player


Instrumental music

LIFE」(Arrange: pop song)

Artist : NoBoRu(singer song writer)
Arrange : Junya Oikawa (Tr1:希望の歌, Tr7:LIFE, Tr11:絆)
■iTunes Store■

VIRTUAL RESONANCE」(as e-guitarlist)

2009 October
composition / production: Asako Miyaki
ele.guitar : Junya Oikawa (CD:tr1 and tr5, DVD:tr4)

「Study of String Quartet 1・3」(as Traditional method of the west)

2006 July
composition / Junya Oikawa
■Sample1■ ■Sample2■

「Destiny」(Arrange:Rock band)

2003 December
composition : ze零ro
piano arrange : Junya Oikawa (CD:tr2)
released by 日本クラウン

「闇と月」(as additional e-guitarlist)

2001 March
composition: Luinspear(樹威,Camus)
Additional guitar: Junya Oikawa (CD:tr2 and tr3)
released by independent (Only 2000 copies)

「TERA」(Rock band)

1999 May
Time 10:00
music composition/ el.guitar/ piano: Junya oikawa, Drum / Sasaki Hiroshi
■Sample1■ ■Sample2■




2007 July
Time 34:00
Direction and Composition 及川潤耶 Junya OIKAWA
Moving-image 齋藤高晴 Takaharu SAITO
・Selected work, International Acousmatic-Music Festival "FUTURA 2008" , France

Published fromTe pito records
Artist Interview

「Flat Sky」

2007 June
Time 16:00
Direction and Moving-image 齋藤高晴 Takaharu SAITO
Sound 及川潤耶 Junya OIKAWA



「Lost body for sound and body」

2009 October
Time 15:00
performer/composer 及川潤耶 Junya OIKAWA

「Organon (Performer+Mothion-Sensor+3D sound space)」

2006 October
Time 30:00
performer 中村達哉 Tatuya NAKAMURA (idevian crew)
Direction and Composition 及川潤耶 Junya Oikawa
VJ 岩川摩耶 Maya IWAKAWA, 高橋マミ Mami TAKAHASHI
■Sample Movie (5 fragments)■


Community Art

「灯り道、灯り街プロジェクト - minimini illumination」

2009 December
@Yanagihara Shoten street, Senju, Tokyo. (Japan)
commissioner : Yanagihara Shoei society
Art Design : JUKA
Music and Sound Design : Junya Oikawa
■Sample music■

「Aquarium Resonance」

2007 August
@Kuru-Kuru-Hiroba, Shiogama, Miygi. (Japan)

Direction/Art Design/Visual Programming : Digi Craft
Music and Sound Design by Max/MSP : Junya Oikawa
■Sample movie■


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